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Kurzprofil Dr. habil. Maik Behrens

Unit Head Taste and Odor Systems Reception & Biosignals

Lise-Meitner-Str. 34
85354 Freising

Tel.: +49 8161 71-2987

E-Mail   ORCID   ResearcherID   Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests:

  • Understanding the molecular basis of human taste perception
  • Structure-function analyses of taste receptors – can we predict taste modifiers de novo?
  • Physiological functions of extra-oral taste receptors – are tastants drugs?
  • Evolution of taste receptors – how did nutritional habits evolve?
  • Discovery of taste modifiers and mixture effects – how are complex food items perceived?

Selected Publications:

Nowak S, Di Pizio A, Levit A, Niv MY, Meyerhof W, Behrens M (2018) Biochim Biophys Acta, Gen Subj 1862, 2162-2173. Reengineering the ligand sensitivity of the broadly tuned human bitter taste receptor TAS2R14

Behrens M, Gu M, Fan S, Huang C, Meyerhof W (2018) Chem Biol Drug Des 91, 422-433. Bitter substances from plants used in traditional Chinese medicine exert biased activation of human bitter taste receptors.

Prandi S, Voigt A, Meyerhof W, Behrens M (2018) Cell Mol Life Sci 75, 49-65. Expression profiling of Tas2r genes reveals a complex pattern along the mouse GI tract and the presence of Tas2r131 in a subset of intestinal Paneth cells

Behrens M, Blank K, Meyerhof W (2017) Cell Chem Biol 24, 1199-1204. Blends of non-caloric sweeteners saccharin and cyclamate show reduced off-taste due to TAS2R bitter receptor inhibition

Liszt K, Ley J, Lieder B, Behrens M, Stoeger V, Reiner A, Hochkogler C, Koeck E, Marchiori A, Hans J, Widder S, Krammer G, Sanger G, Somoza M, Meyerhof W, Somoza V (2017) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 114, E6260-E6269. Caffeine induces gastric acid secretion via bitter taste signaling in gastric parietal cells

Risso D, Behrens M, Sainz E, Meyerhof W, Drayna D (2017) Mol Biol Evol 34, 1587-1595. Probing the evolutionary history of human bitter taste receptor pseudogenes by restoring their function

Roudnitzky N, Behrens M, Engel A, Kohl S, Thalmann S, Hübner S, Lossow K, Wooding SP, Meyerhof W (2015) PLoS Genet, e1005530. Receptor polymorphism and genomic structure interact to shape bitter taste perception

Behrens M, Korsching SI, Meyerhof W (2014) Mol Biol Evol, 31, 3216-3227. Tuning properties of avian and frog bitter taste receptors dynamically fit gene repertoire sizes

Voigt N, Stein J, Galindo MM, Dunkel A, Raguse J-D, Meyerhof W, Hofmann T, Behrens M (2014) J Lipid Res 55, 870-882. The role of lipolysis in human orosensory fat perception

Born S, Levit A, Niv MY, Meyerhof W, Behrens, M (2013) J Neurosci 33, 201-213. The human bitter taste receptor TAS2R10 is tailored to accommodate numerous diverse ligands

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