Notes for doctoral students

In general, all doctoral students take part in the TUM Graduate School, which offers an excellent and structured advanced training program as well as an inter- and transdisciplinary advanced training complementary to the individual doctorate program. In addition, the Leibniz PhD Network offers a plethora of opportunities for supra-regional networking and intensive professional exchange.

In cooperation with the Leibniz Association and specialist societies such as the German Chemical Society or the American Chemical Society, the Leibniz-LSB@TUM promotes participation in national and international conferences and workshops. Thereby, the Institute enables an environment in which the acquisition of scientific knowledge and professional qualifications optimally interlock.

Link to the Leibniz PhD Network Blog:

PhD student representatives at LSB

Franziska Krause

Section I
Research Group Food Metabolome Chemistry
Tel.:  + 49 8161 71-2944
Email: phd.rep.leibniz-lsb(at)

Phil Richter

Section II
Research Group Metabolic Function & Biosignals
Tel.:  + 49 8161 71-2727
Email: phd.rep.leibniz-lsb(at)

Within the Leibniz PhD Network, Franziska Krause is the acting spokesperson of Section C ( Together with Phil Richter she is the current PhD representative at the LSB. Franziska and Phil keep the PhD students at the institute up to date on current topics and plans of the Leibniz PhD Network and support them should any problems or concerns arise at work. In addition, both are open to new ideas and suggestions to make the working environment for PhD students at the LSB even better. As a first point of contact, they are also happy to help anyone who is pursuing a PhD at LSB and has questions on this topic.