Section III: In Silico Biology & Machine Learning


Goal of Section III is to develop predictive models. These should help, for example, to control the composition of molecular ingredient systems during food production or to predict their interactions with molecular biosystems.

Section III uses data analysis and mathematical modeling methods to explore the complex systems of biofunctional food ingredients and their associated chemoreceptors. The research will help to better understand and predict how such systems change along the value chain or what biological effects they exert. In the future, the results of such studies could help develop tasty foods that promote healthy food choices and nutrition. To achieve this goal, Section III works intensively with Sections I and II.

Research Group: Network Modeling & Machine Learning

Prof. Dr. Olaf Wolkenhauer

Speaker of Section III (ad interim) & Head of Research Group


Research Group: Molecular Modeling

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Antonella Di Pizio

Head of Research Group


Research Group: Integrative Food Systems Analysis

Dr. Andreas Dunkel

Head of Research Group (ad interim)