Miscellaneous Events

We participate in or organize ourselves various events for the public to present our research.


11th Cocoa Round Table from June 13 to 14, 2024

Speaker from Leibniz-LSB@TUM:

Dr. Andreas Dunkel, head of the research group Integrative Food Systems Analysis & Head of the Technology Department Databases at the Leibniz-LSB@TUM, will give a lecture together with Dr. Darin Sukha from the Cocoa Research Centre, Trinidad & Tobago on the topic: The Trinidad Cocoa Flavour Map: impact of genetics, microbiology and postharvest manipulation, captured through metagenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics, on sensomics in cacao (Theobroma cacao L.).

PD Dr. Martin Steinhaus, head of the research group Food Metabolome Chemistry at the Leibniz-LSB@TUM, will give a lecture on the topic: Einfluss von Fermentation, Trocknung und Lagerung auf die Bildung wichtiger Fehlaromasubstanzen in Kakao: Was sind die zentralen Parameter?

Read more:  www.rundertischkakao.de

AgScience-on-Tap and HEF Academy in the summer semester

AgScience on tap deals with "Sustainable Food Production & Nutrition" in the summer semester.

The lectures will take place at Furtnerbräu Freising (Obere Hauptstrasse).

29. April 2024 / 19 Uhr Alternative Proteins: Challenges and Opportunities / Prof. Özlem Özmutlu Karslioglu / HSWT
29. Mai 2024 / 19 Uhr Agriculture and nutrition for healthier people on a healthier planet / Dr. Martin Kussmann / Kompetenzzentrum für Ernährung (KErn)
5. Juni 2024 / 19 Uhr How will chocolate taste in the year 2100: Sustainable food production in times of climate change / Dr. Andreas Dunkel / Leibniz-Institut für Lebensmittel-Systembiologie
26. Juni 2024 / 19 Uhr Sustainability in global food and agricultural systems / Prof. Livia Cabernard / TUM


"Freisinger Ernährungsdialog": Active Against Food Waste

Panel Discussion and Information Market

An exciting round with expert knowledge to lasting nutrition and also for the avoidance of food waste expects the visitors: the second Freisinger nourishing dialogue on 19 October at 7 pm in the Lindenkeller will offer again the whole range at specialized knowledge. Because still it is for example the households and not the food industry, which destroy most food in Germany. Thus, more than 18 million tons of valuable food end up in the garbage can every year.

The Leibniz-LSB@TUM participates with an information booth and presents the new edition of the "Kleiner Souci-Fachmann-Kraut" - Lebensmitteltabelle für die Praxis.

The Freising Nutrition Dialogue is a joint event of the vhs Freising and EIT Food Central, Europe's largest innovation network for nutrition, and is supported by the city of Freising.

The event is sponsored by the Bayerische Staatsministerium für Unterricht und Kultus.

Read more at:  www.vhs-freising.org/p/fachbereiche/gesellschaft/umwelt-nachhaltigkeit-und-verbraucherfragen/neu-freisinger-ernaehrungsdialog-aktiv-gegen-lebensmittelverschwendung/podiumsdiskussion-und-infomarkt-633-C-X0520

Book a Scientist: Speed Dating with Science

Soon it will be time again: The Leibniz Association has an exciting offer for all those who are curious and thirsty for knowledge: "Book a Scientist".

Book a Scientist" gives you the opportunity to talk to a Leibniz expert for 25 minutes and ask everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite topic.

Book your interview with the expert of your choice now and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of science! Secure your appointment before seats are taken.

Time and format:

The individual, 25-minute one-on-one meetings will take place online on September 12, 2023, in two time slots: from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. and from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. Secure your personal "date" with a bright mind from the Leibniz Association now!


To participate in a free, virtual conversation with a Leibniz expert, simply select an appointment from the extensive range of topics at www.leibniz-gemeinschaft.de/ueber-uns/neues/veranstaltungen/book-a-scientist-buchungsseite. Already booked appointments are highlighted in gray. If you have any questions about booking or the procedure, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at veranstaltungen@leibniz-gemeinschaft.de.

Under the heading: "Gesundheit, Alter & Ernährung", researchers of the Leibniz-LSB@TUM offer the following topics:

Taste: What You Always Wanted to Know (PD Dr. Maik Behrens)

Things to Know About Craft Beer and Natural Beer Flavors (Dr. Klaas Reglitz)


AChemS Career Networking Seminar

Exploring Extranasal Odorant Receptors
Thursday, February 16, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET
More information: achems.org/web/seminars-register.php

Odorant receptors (ORs) are expressed not only in the olfactory epithelium but also play important roles in extranasal tissues. However, a poor understanding of OR ligands has restricted our ability to fully explore the extranasal role of these receptors. Here, we will discuss efforts to better understand both OR ligands and extranasal OR functions.

Ligands of Odorant Receptors Outside the Odor Space
Antonella Di Pizio, Ph.D.
In Silico Biology and Machine Learning
Leibniz Institute for Food Systems Biology at the Technical University of Munich

Unexpected Roles for Extranasal Odorant Receptors
Jen Pluznick, Ph.D.
Dept of Physiology
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


Book a Scientist

Now it's that time again: The Leibniz Association wants to make an exciting offer to all curious and thirsty for knowledge with the upcoming "Book a Scientist" event onNovember 8, 2022: Book your exclusive, virtual appointment with Leibniz scientists. In personal conversations, Leibniz researchers will provide insight into their topics and everyday work, answer your individual questions, and look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

Individual talks can be booked now

You can now reserve 25-minute one-on-one talks with a Leibniz expert. To do so, click on an available appointment of your choice on the Book a Scientist website https://www.leibniz-gemeinschaft.de/bookascientist and then enter your contact details and already one or two questions on the topic, so that our scientists know what you might be particularly interested in.

The offer is free of charge. The conversations take place virtually.

Book your "date" with a bright mind and choose from over 120 topics for your conversation.

You can find all topics and dates here: https://www.leibniz-gemeinschaft.de/bookascientist

Female scientists from Freising participate as experts

Dr. Melanie Köhler and Dr. Stephanie Frank from the Leibniz Institute for Food Systems Biology at the Technical University of Munich (LSB) are also participating as experts.

High-ranking visitors expected at "Food Science Day"

Freising 04 August 2022 - The Leibniz Institute of Food Systems Biology at the Technical University of Munich is very pleased to welcome high-ranking guests from science and politics on the occasion of its "Food Science Day".



10th Roundtable Cocoa, June 02-03, 2022:
Food System Cocoa - Unraveling Key Drivers and their Impact on Cocoa Bean Quality.

Speakers from the LSB:

PD Dr. Martin Steinhaus, Head of Section I (ad interim) and Head of the Research Group: Food Metabolome Chemistry at LSB; he will speak on June 02 on the topic: Smoky, moldy, coconutty - atypical aroma notes in cocoa, the molecules behind them and their formation.

Andreas Dunkel, head of the Research Group: Integrative Food Systems Analysis and Databases; he will speak on June 03 on the topic: Systems biology of cocoa - a holistic and integrative approach to modeling cocoa bean and chocolate quality

Read more: www.rundertischkakao.de

3. bis 5. Mai: Watertop's Training School am Leibniz-LSB@TUM

Starting now! Watertop's Training School "Advanced GC-MS techniques for water taste & odor analysis" at Leibniz-LSB@TUM.

More: watertopnet.eu/watertop-agenta/

"Book a scientist" has started again

To all those curious and thirsty for knowledge, we want to make an exciting offer with the upcoming "Book a Scientist" on November 10, 2021: Book your exclusive, virtual conversation also with three of our LSB researchers. They will provide insight into their research topics and their everyday work, answer your individual questions and look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

You can find the approx. 130 topics offered by the Leibniz Association as well as dates here:

To reserve a talk, write an email to veranstaltungen(at)leibniz-gemeinschaft.de stating your name, the topic you have chosen and the time slot you would like to attend. You will receive a confirmation email if the appointment is still available. You are also welcome to send us already one or two questions that you are particularly interested in regarding the chosen topic. The offer is free of charge. The discussions take place virtually. Some talks are also offered in English.

June 15, 2019: Long Night of Sciences in Berlin

From 5 p.m. to midnight the Leibniz-LSB@TUM will present some of its current research results in cooperation with the Leibniz Research Alliance "Sustainable Food Production and Healthy Nutrition" at the headquarter of the Leibniz Association in Berlin.

Girls'Day 2019 at the Leibniz-LSB@TUM

on 28 March 2019 

Learn more about the working world of a bioinformatician.

Visit our Booth at the 18th Public Science Days in Munich

Our topic: Working World Food Research 4.0

Over the last century food research has changed considerably. This change was accompanied by a rapid development of novel research methods and technologies. Food research 4.0 means that researchers at Leibniz-LSB@TUM are combining latest methods of biomolecular basic research and bioinformatics with high-performance analytic technologies. In doing so, they pursue a systems biology approach superior to classical food chemistry. In the future, food research 4.0 will help to supply the population with sustainably produced food and to ensure a healthy, enjoyable diet. Last but not least, it will allow us to develop novel individual nutritional concepts for people suffering from food intolerances or other diet-related diseases.

Visit our booth from 10 to 13 November 2018 at the old congress hall in Munich and inform yourself about our research. Find out more about hereditary differences in odor perception, learn more about recent findings on wheat sensitivity or get an answer to the question: Do flavors play a role in human immune defence?

Open House Day 2018

Visit our Institute in Freising/Weihenstephan

This is your chance to experience science and research up close and personal – in the anniversary year 2018 at all TUM locations. At the open house day, from 11 am to 5 pm, we invite you to visit also our Institute providing fascinating insights into our research. Join us to test your chemical senses!

June 9, 2018: Long Night of Sciences in Berlin

From 5 to 12 pm, at the Long Night of Sciences in Berlin, scientists of the Leibniz-LSB@TUM presented their research together with partners from the Leibniz Research Alliance "Sustainable Food Production and Healthy Nutrition" at the Headquarter of the Leibniz Association.

At the booth of the Leibniz-LSB@TUM it was all about the questions: Is gluten generally harmful to health? Is spelt easier to digest than wheat? Are old wheat varieties better than new ones? Questions that the Leibniz-LSB@TUM scientists, together with colleagues from the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research in Gatersleben are pursuing together in the "Wheatscan" project.