Kurzprofil Dr. Sabrina Geißlitz

Arbeitsgruppe Food Biopolymer Chemistry

Lise-Meitner-Str. 34
85354 Freising
Tel.: +49 8161 71-2975

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My main research interests are the protein composition of food crops and wheat-related disorders, especially non-celiac wheat sensitivity. Therefore, I develop new analytical strategies allowing me to study the complex interplay between structure, functionality and activity of food proteins and peptides. Our research activities combine our expertise in food chemistry, analytical chemistry, proteomics and immunological assays to study the structure and functionality of proteins.

  • Structure-functionality-activity relationships in plant proteins, especially from cereals

  • Effects of genetic and environmental variability on protein composition related to improved sustainability, biodiversity and end-use quality

  • Targeted and untargeted Proteomics to quantitate plant proteins

  • Elucidation of abiotic and biotic stress effects on proteins related to end-use quality and wheat-related disorders

2024 – Senior Postdoc, Food Biopolymer Chemistry, Leibniz-Institute for Food Systems Biology at the TUM, Germany
2023 Research stay (three months), Applied Metabolic Systems Research Group, Wageningen University and Research (WUR), the Netherlands
2020 – 2024 Junior Postdoc, Department of Bioactive and Functional Food Chemistry, Institute of Applied Biosciences, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
2019 PhD (Dr. rer. nat.), TUM School of Natural Sciences
2019 Research stay (two months), Applied Metabolic Systems Research Group, Wageningen University and Research (WUR), the Netherlands
2015 – 2019 Research fellow, Leibniz-Institute for Food Systems Biology at the TUM, Germany
2015 – 2019 PhD student, TUM School of Natural Sciences, TUM, Germany
2023 Research Travel Grant of the Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) to conduct a research stay for several months
2022 Connecting Young Scientists (ConYS) grant of the KHYS to organize the 1. Young Food Proteomics Scientists Conference
2022 Travel grant of the Analytical Chemistry Division of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) to attend the 7th Cereals & Europe Spring Meeting, Thessaloniki, Greece
2020 Scientific award of the Association of German Industrial Bakeries for the best PhD thesis in nutritional sciences
2019 Walter Bushuk Graduate Research Award in Cereal Protein Chemistry of the Cereals & Grains Association for excellence in cereal protein chemistry research
2019 Internationalization Grant of the TUM Graduate School for external PhD students to conduct a research stay for several months
2019 Publication Grant ABC of the GDCh to support a collective publication within a research stay of several months
2019 Cereals & Grains Association Student Travel Award to attend the Cereals & Grains 18 meeting in London, United Kingdom
2019 Travel grant of the Analytical Chemistry Division of the GDCh to attend the 4th D-A-CH-Conference in Applied Cereal Science in Vienna, Austria
2018 Travel grant of the German Society for Mass Spectrometry (DGMS) to attend the International Mass Spectrometry Conference 2018 in Florence, Italy
2015 Travel grant of the GDCh to attend the 44th German Food Chemists Day 2015 in Karlsruhe, Germany
2015 Award of the Juergen Manchot Foundation for an excellent degree in Food Chemistry
2021 - Associate Editor for Cereal Chemistry (Wiley Online Library, Hoboken, NJ, USA)
2019 - 2023 Representative of the Protein Division in the Book Acquisition Committee of the Cereals & Grains Association
2019 Postdoc representative (Leibniz Postdoc Network) at Leibniz-Institute for Food Systems Biology at the TUM
2018 – 2019 Student representative in the Protein Division (Cereals & Grains Association)
2018 - Member, Cereals & Grains Association including Protein Division, USA
2017 - Member, German Society for Mass Spectrometry (DGSM) and DGMS Young Scientists
2015 - Member, German Chemical Society (GDCh) including German Food Chemistry Society and Analytical Chemistry Division

Hermans W, Geisslitz S, De Bondt Y, Langenaeken NA, Scherf KA, Courtin CM. NanoLC-MS/MS protein analysis on laser-microdissected wheat endosperm tissues: A comparison between aleurone, sub-aleurone and inner endosperm. Food Chem 2024; 437: 137735. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.foodchem.2023.137735

Jahn N, Longin CFH, Scherf KA, Geisslitz S. No correlation between amylase/trypsin inhibitor content and amylase inhibitory activity in hexaploid and tetraploid wheat species. Cur Res Food Sci 2023; 7: 100542. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.crfs.2023.100542

Geisslitz S, Islam S, Buck L, Grunwald-Gruber C, Sestili F, Camerlengo F, Masci S, D'Amico S. Absolute and relative quantitation of amylase/trypsin-inhibitors by LC-MS/MS from wheat lines obtained by CRISPR-Cas9 and RNAi. Front Plant Sci 2022; 13 :974881. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2022.974881

Geisslitz S, Weegels P, Shewry P, Zevallos V, Masci S, Sorrells M, Gregorini A, Colomba M, Jonkers D, Huang X, De Giorgio R, Caio GP, D'Amico S, Larré C, Brouns F. Wheat amylase/trypsin inhibitors (ATIs): occurrence, function and health aspects. Eur J Nutr 2022; 61: 2873-2880. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00394-022-02841-y

Geisslitz S, Longin CFH, Koehler P, Scherf KA. Comparative quantitative LC–MS/MS analysis of 13 amylase/trypsin inhibitors in ancient and modern Triticum species. Sci Rep 2020; 10: 14570. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-020-71413-z