Souci • Fachmann • Kraut

Food Composition and Nutrition Tables

For many decades, the Food Composition and Nutrition Tables Souci-Fachmann-Kraut, prepared by the Leibniz-Institute on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry, is constantly further developed as an internationally renowned reference for nutritional data and is published in print and online (

The online food composition data are updated and amended continuously. For example, the new edition contains various groups of bioactive ingredients. Every new print version contains the updated and amended table data. Internationally, the data appear on nutrient labels, and they are widely used in nutrition counseling. The data are a significant foundation for the German Food Index published by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

In order to provide an excerpt of the data in a handy and convenient reference book format for daily use by consumers, a short version of the 'Souci-Fachmann-Kraut' is available that is widely used.