Profile Dr. Petra Steinhaus

Senior Researcher Databases

Lise-Meitner-Str. 34
85354 Freising
Tel.: +49 8161 71-2952

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  • Updating the Souci-Fachmann-Kraut nutrient database (SFK)
  • Restructuring the SFK database management system
  • Adapting the SFK database web application
  • Launch and updating the Leibniz-LSB@TUM Odorant Database

The Souci-Fachmann-Kraut nutrient database currently contains > 30,000 data on 350 food ingredients in about 850 foods. However, nutrient data require continuous updating. Therefore, we regularly screen the primary scientific literature and extract relevant nutrient data. In addition, we adequately expand the data set, e.g., by inclucing bioactive compounds and alternative protein sources. To meet future requirements, the database management system has been completely restructured over the last two years and the database web application is currently being adapted. Thus, the nutrient database will continue to provide reliable and up-to-date data on food ingredients to consumers, scientists, the health care sector and the food industry.

For the launch of the Leibniz-LSB@TUM Odorant Database, we have transferred a collection of in-house data on substance parameters relevant for the structural assignment of odorants in food into an open access database. These data, e.g. on retention indices and odor qualities are continuously updated and expanded.

Since 2019 Senior researcher databases - Nutrient Database Souci-Fachmann-Kraut and Leibniz-LSB@TUM Odorant Database - at the Leibniz-Institute for Food Systems Biology at the Technical University of Munich (Leibniz-LSB@TUM)
2017-2018 Analytical chemist at Flavologic GmbH, Vaterstetten
2006-2016 Research associate at the German Research Institute for Food Chemistry, Freising
2003-2005 Parental leave
1999-2002 Product Specialist Chromatography at Sigma-Aldrich Chemie GmbH, Taufkirchen
1999 Doctorate in Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of the Technical University of Munich
1998 Postdoctoral researcher at the German Research Institute for Food Chemistry, Garching
1995-1997 PhD student at the Technical University of Munich, Garching
1994-1995 Research associate at the Institute of Food Chemistry, University of Wuppertal
1994 Second state examination in food chemistry
1993 Degree in food chemistry (first state examination), Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Kreissl J, Mall V, Steinhaus P, Steinhaus M. Leibniz-LSB@TUM Odorant Database, Version 1.0. Leibniz-Institute for Food Systems Biology at the Technical University of Munich: Freising, Germany, 2020 (

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Münch, P.; Schieberle, P. (1998) Quantitative studies on the formation of key odorants in thermally treated yeast extracts using stable isotope dilution assays. J. Agric. Food Chem. 46 (11), 4695-4701. DOI: 10.1021/jf980511t

Münch, P.; Hofmann, T.; Schieberle, P. (1997) Comparison of key odorants generated by thermal treatment of commercial and self-prepared yeast extracts: Influence of the amino acid composition on odorant formation. J. Agric. Food Chem. 45 (4),1338-1344. DOI: 10.1021/jf960658p

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